• Planning a future pregnancy, and diagnosed as being at high risk of contracting postpartum psychosis?
  • Experienced past episodes of postpartum psychosis, and concerned about having more children as a result?
  • Pregnant and not sure what your support options are, and how to get help if you get further onsets of postpartum psychosis?

If this speaks to you, then delve into this section, PP hero! Honeycomb Hatcher has been set up with you in mind as it can be a daunting process and somewhat unchartered territory, planning your family around such a serious postpartum mental health condition that you can’t necessarily avoid or control.

You’ll may have a lot of questions, trauma and anxiety to overcome, and potentially a lot fear and uncertainly as this next step can seem overwhelming – and that’s completely understandable!

Honeycomb Hatcher’s goal is to give you the confidence to ask for the right help and navigate your support system, by providing you with oodles of positivity and practical, no-nonsense tips to support you throughout your pre-planning, pregnancy and birthing journey.



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