• Are you a healthcare professional working with women who could be susceptible to postpartum psychosis, and looking to further enhance your knowledge via lived experience?
  • Interested in following a second pregnancy journey of a patient with predisposition to postpartum psychosis as part of your professional research?
  • Looking for ideas on how to better support your patients with alternative wellbeing strategies during pregnancy and techniques to combat triggers?

If this ticks your boxes, you’re in the right spot, PP pro! We know that you know the facts and statistics about postpartum psychosis, but if you’re reading this there is a likelihood that you want to immerse yourself in this rare and severe mental health illness, by reading around the subject and you’re curious for an alternative perspective.

Honeycomb Hatcher’s mission is to provide you with some helpful insights as to what real PP patients and their families might be turn to you for during pregnancy and after birth, in your capacity as a trusted healthcare professional, and we’ll offer you strategies for you to consider so that you can provide outstanding support to keep patients well and happy.

Honeycomb Hatcher is not a medical professional, but a voice from the PP community. We want to share some thoughts on what you can do to help via positive, no-nonsense tips to be the most compassionate and on-the-ball healthcare professional or researcher that PP heroes come into contact with.



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