• Want to better understand what your loved one has been through, if they have had previous experiences of postpartum psychosis?
  • Concerned about your loved one if they are pregnant and at risk of contracting postpartum psychosis in future?
  • Looking for suggestions on how you can better support your partner or friend through their pregnancy and postpartum period if they’ve had postpartum psychosis or it materialises?

If you can relate to this, then delve into this section, PP supporter! Honeycomb Hatcher has been set up with you in mind as we PP sufferers need you, and we know that you want to be useful, to show you care and ultimately you want your loved one to be well and enjoying life.

That said, it can be a challenging condition for you to get your head around too, and Honeycomb Hatcher understands that living with the prospect of PP can be like treading on eggshells, and you don’t want to say or do the wrong thing…

Honeycomb Hatcher’s job is to provide you with some helpful insights as to what your family member or friend might be going through, and ways to offer your support. We want to share some thoughts on what you can do to help via positive, no-nonsense tips to be the best version of a rock that PP heroes could ever need.



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